Floyd Mayweather Wants You to Know He Spent 11 Mil on Cars, Jewels & Watches

It’s Floyd money, he can spend it as he please, I don’t particular care.  I would think before he bought the trinkets and cars he would pay his taxes, that would seem to be common sense, but what do I know.

Not exactly sure what is the reason to flaunt it and appear to be throwing it in people’s faces, but if the desire reason was to get people to talk (argue from what I am seeing) then mission accomplished.

Only Mayweather knows how financially sound he is, I don’t want him or anyone to end up broke.  I don’t want to see him fighting like Roy Jones or Evander Holyfield because they need to the money.

The ideal situation is to be like Oscar De La Hoya, who trust me has as many trinkets, cars and whatever else he wants as Floyd, but flipped his money into a bigger money maker, Golden Boy Promotions that will be making Oscar and his family big time dollars well after he is dead and gone.

Good luck Floyd.

5 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Wants You to Know He Spent 11 Mil on Cars, Jewels & Watches

  • LOL! This fool have is own 30 for 30 on ESPN in a few years, lol1 How many times have we seen this rags to riches back to dirt poor. ummh… Mike Tyson, Leon Spinks (e.i.) Holyfields, Thomas "Hitman" Hearns, Buster Lewis and on and on. But I guess he will still have Chilli begging to hook up.

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