Pics: Shaq & Hoopz Foot Fetish


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Our friend Stiletto Jill ( twitpic this photo of Shaq and his girlfriend Hoopz playing around in someone’s backyard (pics are from Hoopz Twitter Account).

As she expertly pointed out how did Hoopz get up there and if Shaq can do circus tricks, can he play against the Heat?

Personally I think we have seen the last of Shaq and he will retire after this year. He had a good run and I am sure his post NBA career will be entertaining.

Wonder if he is still coming out with the tell all book about Kobe?


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4 thoughts on “Pics: Shaq & Hoopz Foot Fetish

  • BLANK STARE, Shaq, u gotta be kidding? 4 real? 4 real?, Oh well, I guess he’ll be playing in Turkey next season. LMAO!!! # DannyAnigehowaboutthattrade?.

  • Just goes to show you. If you have enough $$$ any bitch will be on your stuff in a minute. This boy is a total jerkoff, but he’s got $$$ and nothing else.

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