Tara Sullivan Barred from Masters Locker Room..Should Women Be Allowed?

Tara Sullivan, a female reporter covering the Masters was barred from the men’s locker room. Tara sent out this tweet after the incident “Bad enough no women members at Augusta. But not allowing me to join writers in locker room interview is just wrong.”

She’s absolutely right…..it’s just wrong. Women reporters have been allowed in men’s locker rooms since the mid 1980’s so it’s amazing to me that this happened in 2011. So I pose this question; should women be allowed in the men’s locker room? The obvious answer to this question for me is yes. Not only do I feel like women should be allowed in men’s locker rooms, but I feel like men should be allowed in women’s locker rooms. Women reporters have been allowed in men’s locker rooms since the mid 1980’s and I don’t see why that needs to change in 2011. Of course publicized controversy such as the Ines Sanez incident attempts to give reasoning for those who are opposed to women in the locker room. Ines stated that while waiting to conduct an interview with Mark Sanchez she was harassed by members of the Jets football team. Some people felt that she brought that upon herself because of the way she was dressed, but all in all that is a terrible reason for grown men to act inappropriately. The Jets organization responded saying that they would “take any appropriate steps necessary to maintain a respectful environment for the media.” That statement would leave people to believe that women are not respected in the locker room which is unfortunate. Just as men go into locker rooms conduct interviews and do their jobs, women do the same thing. Everyone in those locker rooms are professionals and should act like professionals, whether it be a player or a reporter. There is no excuse for showing disrespect to a female reporter, regardless of how she was dressed, just like there is no excuse for Tara Sullivan not to be allowed in the Master’s locker room.

Augusta National Communications Director Steve Ethun made a public apology and stated that it was a complete misunderstanding and I’m sure that it was just that…a misunderstanding. I don’t believe that it was done to be malicious or anything of the sort, but as a woman it is still disappointing to see something like this happen in this day and age. All reporters, male and female, work off of the “equal access policy.” Just like women are allowed in men locker rooms, men are allowed in female locker rooms, so it’s hard for me to imagine a situation where a female reporter that is covering an event is told that there are “no women allowed.” Regardless of how you feel about the opposite sex being in locker rooms the fact remains that you cannot bar a reporter  from conducting an interview, whether it be in the locker room or not, based on sex. It is illegal and the last time I checked female reporters have the same rights as male reporters.

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  • If female reporters are allowed in men's locker in other sports than they should be in golf also…..also as a side note..how much do they have to really change anyway..their already wearing slacks and a shirt…the only thing they have to change is their shoes…lol

  • I think that no reporters should be in locker rooms it gives the men and women playing whatever sport it is time to calm down.Also I don't think men are allowed in the women's locker room while they are fully or partially naked ,so they don't have total acess to they're locker room either and they shouldn't.Talking to the players as the leave or enter the locker room is fine and it should be enough until they all meet in the media room.Take tennis for instance how often do see them talking to male or female players in the locker room while they are not descent.

  • To believe that female reporters should be allowed in a male locker room is the epitome of feminist hypocrisy.

    The Feminist Movement is ultimately about gaining power and control over men. And the fact that females are now allowed into a male locker room when the men are naked or semi-naked reveals just how successful that agenda has become. It is successful to the point that any male athlete that dares speak out against this blantant invasion of his basic human rights to privacy, respect, and dignity is immediately slapped down by intimidation and threats of the loss of his job and income by feminists, feminist organizations, and those who have been brainwashed into believing it is clothed female reporters that experience sexual harrassment in a male locker room rather than the athlete.

    I addressed this issue in detail in a 4-part article posted on The Cypress Times (http://www.thecypresstimes.com/ColumnistSetion/Columnists/Terry_L_Brown/498). It explains why the arguments feminists use to rob male athletes of their basic human rights are flawed and hypocritical.

    If feminists and female reporters were truly interested in equal rights they would insist that the sports organizations forbide all reporters – male and female – from being allowed in the locker room. Rather, a room would be specifically set aside for the purpose of interviewing the athletes after they are dressed. But they don’t. They insist on bullying their way into the locker room in the name of equality.

    It seems the idea of equality for feminists is the subjugation of men.

  • Obviously your apervert-women have no reason to be int he mens locker rooms-and I might add that goes for the men also. What a bunch oiof perverts, 80% to 90% of all polls for men and women are against women in the locker rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!, restrooms, shower areas, etc. What don’t you get about that? You guy smakes me sick.

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