Video: Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon Has Apparent Seizure In the Ring

Being a wrestler is a lot like being a professional football player.

You are doing things to your body that you shouldn’t for money, fame and success. Many will say that it is worth, those who reach super stardom are set for life.

But there are so many once they aren’t useful anymore or have mismanaged their money are caught in a situation where their body is breaking down and are force to do things just to make ends meet.

Scott Hall better known to most of us as Razor Ramon was one of the biggest wrestling stars of the 90s for the WCW and WWE.

Now he is force to work in barn yards. He apparently had some sort medical issue while doing a show in Massachusetts and is upset the organization is using it as promo footage.

As TMZ previously reported, Hall was hospitalized after an appearance in Massachusetts on Friday night. Hall is being treated for cardiac issues and possible complications from the 10 different prescriptions he is taking.

Hall’s rep, Geena Jinev Anac, tells TMZ she’s upset over a video of Hall (see below) struggling to get into the ring, followed by a promo to purchase the full event online.

Most importantly Hall appears to be ok, but hopefully he gets all the medical attention he needs.

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