Joakim Noah Apologizes to Fan For Saying: “F*ck You F*ggot”

When we brought you the story we weren’t sure who Joakim Noah was talking to when he directed a gay slur at them, but we do know now.

Apparently one of the Heat fans got a bit under Noah skin (at least they didn’t hit him with a towel like Barkley) and this is what caused his outburst.

Here is what Noah had to say.

I apologize,” Noah said. “The fan said something to me that I thought was disrespectful, and I got caught up in the moment, and I said some things that I shouldn’t have said.

I was frustrated and I don’t mean no disrespect to anybody. I just got caught up.”

Taking Noah at his word, I think it is hypocritical that a fan can basically say whatever they want and Noah will end up being fined for saying something back.

Granted Noah is the professional he is suppose to know better and keep his cool in this particular situation, but he is also human and certain words or phrases will trigger an emotional response.

I don’t think Noah has anything against gay people, so hopefully this time GLAAD will stay out of it. Honestly it isn’t that big of a deal.

He let a fan get to him and he said something that he shouldn’t have said.  He apologized and that should be that.

The thing that bothers me is if he called the fan a “F*ckin Moron” or “F*ckin B*tch”, no one would even care. That is the hypocrisy of the NBA and it is something that the players have to get use to.

10 thoughts on “Joakim Noah Apologizes to Fan For Saying: “F*ck You F*ggot”

  • Can’t believe this author. OF COURSE he has something against gay people. If a white person got “frustrated” and called a fan an ‘effing n7gg3r, I’m sure you’d chalk that up to innocent human emotion, with no anti-black feelings whatsoever. I’m a black man, we all know we are the most dedicated homophobes on the face of the Earth. We don’t see this as “a big deal”, because we as a group simply don’t think disrespecting the LGBT community is “a big deal”.

  • I agree with you. Fans have way too many rights! The cost of a ticket doesn’t give you the opportunity to say and do what you want to. For the NBA to think they should take that crap is unrealistic. They aren’t made of stone. Except for Kobe, he can do no right in my book.

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