Video: Charles Barkley Threatens Heat Fans After Being Hit With Towels

Barkley has been critical of the Heat for a long time, nothing that he has said seems personal just how he feels about Lebron’s “Decision” and how the Heat can be whiny at times.

Bandwagon Heat fans after winning Game 3 decided to tell how Barkley how they felt.

I am sure after a few beverages they started a pretty loud chant of.


The mistake they made was throwing a few towels at Chuck, one that hit him in the head which in turn caused Barkley to let them know they didn’t want him to “come down there”.

He also made it clear he wasn’t coming down to talk but was bringing a “Heater” with him.  Not a gun, I think a space heater.

The thing about Barkley, I don’t think he was joking at all, this is a guy who threw a guy out of a window once.  Secretly I wanted him to go Artest.  I am sure Napoleon Stern and TNT were holding their breath.

It appears that Heat Fan was getting on Barkley’s nerves even before he went on air as he is seen here giving the fans the middle finger.

9 thoughts on “Video: Charles Barkley Threatens Heat Fans After Being Hit With Towels

  • This Heat team is too arrogant, and their fans follow the leader, it seems. Confidence in your team is one thing, but downright arrogance is just ugly and makes you look like a fool. Can’t wait to see the Heat get spanked and this is coming from a South Florida native, family is from Miami, and I’ve been living just outside Miami my whole life. I’d love to be proud of this team, but I just can’t. Too many reasons. Wish the Magic had made it farther because then I’d have a local team to cheer for, instead of the Dallas Mavericks.

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