Allen Iverson’s Wife Tawanna Iverson Re-Files For Divorce


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This is like the 13th time Tawanna has filed for divorce, we will see if it goes through this time.

Honestly I am shocked that their marriage has lasted this long.  Then again Tawanna appears to be following the Juanita Jordan model of wives.

I hope Kobe Bryant is paying attention, because the over/under is five years after he retires Vanessa leaves him for some Kevin Federline type.

Here are the details.

The wife of former NBA star Allen Iverson has re-filed for divorce, an attorney told the AJC.

Tawanna Iverson initially filed for divorce March 2, 2010, in Fulton County Superior Court, citing that her marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The announcement came a week after Allen Iverson announced he was leaving the Philadelphia 76ers for the rest of the season to be with a sick daughter. The couple has five children.

That divorce petition was later dropped, Allen Iverson’s attorney, Jonathan Levine, told the AJC Wednesday afternoon. But on Monday, Tawanna Iverson re-filed for divorce, said Levine, who declined to discuss the specifics regarding the initial filing.

According to TMZ, Tawanna wants full custody of the kids, child support, alimony and half the money A.I. made during they time they were married.

Allen Iverson has had a tough couple of years, a lot of it was his on doing.  He is still wants to play in the NBA, but that dream similar to his marriage seems to be over.

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