Jackie Christie, Kimsha Artest & Imani Showalter New Stars of Basketball Wives LA


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The fact that Jackie Christie is in Basketball Wives: LA, makes it must see TV.

I have to admit this cast appears to be a lot more interesting than the original Basketball Wives.

VH1 is capitalizing on the success of “Basketball Wives” by creating a spinoff that will premiere on August 29th.  “Basketball Wives: LA” will star former original cast member Gloria Govan, fiancée of LA Lakers player Matt Barnes and her sister Laura Govan, ex-fiancee of Orlando Magic player Gilbert Arenas.

Also participating in the show is the wife of LA Laker Ron Artest, Kimsha Artest, Jackie Christie, the wife of former NBA star Doug Christie and Imani Showalter, the ex-fiancée of Charlotte Bobcats player Stephen Jackson.

I will be disappointed if Jackie Christie doesn’t beat up a member of the cast with a shoe and a purse. Also does this mean Ron Artest will be making guest appearances?

If so I am setting the DVR right now.

17 thoughts on “Jackie Christie, Kimsha Artest & Imani Showalter New Stars of Basketball Wives LA

    • Only Jackie and Kimsha are real and Doug has been out of the league for years


  • Jackie Christie not what she seems in this picture, she’s playing like she really cares alot about her children. What makes this photograph so cliche’ is she makes it seem like they are one big happy family. She has a daughter who lives in Seattle that she does not support and has grandchildren that she don’t care to see. She puts on a good front! Please check out her oldest daughter Takari site http://www.takarileechristie.com or http://twitter.com/#!/KariLeeChristie

    • Wow I went to her website that is tragic her mom Jackie needs to be put on front street about this story that is tragic I hope this young lady dreams for success come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spammers are such assholes, I’m wondering if anyone ever clicks on their hyperlinks?

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