Vid: T.O.’s Publicists Kita & Mo Calls Evelyn Lozada “A Walking Yeast Infection”


I think everyone’s grandmother has told them………..

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

Apparently this doesn’t apply to Almost Basketball Wives and publicists of star wide receivers.  You remember Kita and Mo from the T.O. Show, they are his publicists who bicker more with each other than doing any publicity of Owens.

I assume they were asked what they thought of Evelyn Lozada and they held nothing back especially Mo, take a look.

I hope that Kita and Mo, don’t have any skeletons in their closet.  This could be how they really feel or they are just salty that Evelyn is getting some shine, whatever the case it seems a bit salty on their part.

I think we spend way too much time debating the respectability of the Almost Basketball Wives.  It is reality TV, but there is nothing real about the show.

It is entertainment that is all, don’t make it out into anything more.


  1. What the hell is Owens doing with those real ghetto girls. The one name Mo is a bitter women who needs to take a chill pill. They should not throw stones at glass houses, Mo must have a real wimp for a husband!

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