Pics: Jessica Olsson, Dirk Nowitzki’s Girlfriend is Swedish Chocolate


I told people for years that Dirk likes the Chocolate ladies.

I am not mad at you Dirk,  he got him some Swedish Chocolate, this is the route Tiger should have went and he might still be winning majors right now.

She is a cutie and rumors have it that they maybe engaged

She is definitely better than Dirk’s last girlfriend, the CON Artist criminal who was on the run and faked a pregnancy just to keep him around.

A lot of people believe she was the good luck charmed that turned Dirk into a serial killer in the playoffs and eventually to a NBA Championship.


  1. Well, she’s a cutie, let’s hope she’s a keeper. a lot of times introducing someone steady in one’s life is where it all falls apart. play it like oprah and keep love a past thought. good for careers.

  2. Once upon a time I was in line at the lunch counter at work and I asked for some chocolate milk. A black lady behind me asked if I like chocolate women as well as milk… She didn’t act as if her words offended her so the statement that black ladies don’t like being called chocolate is not universal… However, I’ll let the ladies decide whether they want to refer to themselves as chocolate, that should be safe.

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