Sources: Cleveland Cavaliers to Draft Kyrie Irving With #1 Pick

I am sure this will make Twodel Miss Hawaii happy.

(Video: Twitte Model Miss Hawaii Threatens To Sue & Physically Harm Kyrie Irving)

I am not sold on Irving, mainly because I didn’t see enough of him in college to say he is a franchise changer.  I don’t think he is better than John Wall (maybe a better pitcher).

The good news for Cavs fans is they also have the 4th pick as well, so as long as they don’t blow it with that pick, they should have a nice foundation to build on.

The Cavaliers, after taking the temperature of the Timberwolves and Jazz to see if Kyrie Irving could somehow fall to No. 4 in Thursday’s NBA draft, are now committed to the former Duke guard as the No. 1 pick and are fielding offers for the fourth pick, league sources said Monday.

Maybe now Cavs fan can focus on the future and not the Hairline that shall remain nameless.

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