BSO Interview: Deion Sanders Talks HOF, The Myth He Didn’t Tackle & Mentoring NFL Players


Yesterday we showed you all the photos from the Deion Sanders Hall of Fame weekend in Atlanta and gave you a little background on what Deion has been up to.

(Deion & Pilar’s Black and Red Gala)

I had an opportunity to sit down with the man himself Deion “Primetime” Sanders to get his take on various topics about his “Truth” Youth League, thoughts on his Hall of Fame induction, mentoring current NFL players, overcoming a suicide attempt, finding God and the Urban Legend that he wasn’t a good tackler.



  1. The Video has been removed due to what????? I would have loved to watch your video, maybe you can email me it….I’m sure its awesome…Shame on You Tube for killing your account….Maybe I’ll kill mine.. Occupy You Tube… Lol

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