Michael Vick Accused of Signing Deals With Competing Companies

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been doing great lately. He was welcomed back to Nike as an endorser earlier this month after he lost a deal with them in 2007 and he’s coming off a solid season with the Eagles.

The news today is that Vick has supposedly signed deals with a Miami-based company called Fuse Science and a Denver-based company called MusclePharm. The problem? Fuse Science and MusclePharm are manufacturers of similar products and it would be a breach of contract if he was to sign deals with both.

Fuse is the developer of new, patent-pending technologies poised to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals. MusclePharm is also a manufacturer of nutritional supplements and both companies are claiming to have Vick signed to a deal. The Fuse deal is said to be an exclusive five-year deal while the MusclePharm deal is also an exclusive deal but for three years and $1.55 million.

“That was all speculation,” Liza Santana, a Fuse spokeswoman, wrote to the Philadelphia Daily News via email about the two deals. “Michael’s contract with Fuse is a five-year exclusive and was fully executed on July 7th. I would say that he is well aware that signing any other deals would be a breach of contract.”

Maybe Vick made a mistake. Or, maybe one of the companies are lying about having Vick on board as an endorser. Vick isn’t quoted in the press release for MusclePharm as he is in the Fuse press release, which is the only difference.

Hopefully Vick can get this cleared up soon so there’s no confusion. He’s dealt with enough in the past few years and doesn’t need anymore distractions.

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