Paralyzed Rutgers Player Eric LeGrand Able to Stand in Therapy

Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand was able to stand in therapy today after he had been told he would never be able to stand or walk again after he was paralyzed last October.

The 20-year-old LeGrand was paralyzed in a game against Army in which he made a tackle resulting in fractures to his C3 and C4 vertebrae. He tweeted two photos Wednesday afternoon of him standing while in therapy, proving that anything is possible.

The first photo LeGrand tweeted was attached to the caption, “Standing up little by little in therapy,” with his mom standing by his side. The second photo‘s caption, “Standing tall, we can’t fall. Standing up right again,” also with his mother.

When the injury was initially suffered, doctors believed LeGrand would never be able to come off of a ventilator, but he did five weeks later. LeGrand has hopes of one day being able to walk again, despite contradicting doctor’s predictions.

Speedy recovery to LeGrand.