Video: Ochocinco Calls Out NFL Corners to Come Practice With Him!


A classic Chad Ochocinco video was released today and synonymous with Ochocinco’s style of play (and past media outbursts) it was: quick, sharp, and to the point.

In the video, Ochocinco calls out NFL Corners, stating how he hasn’t been able to get anyone to come workout with him during the lockout.

” I done called everbody in the f*ckin world…everyone got an excuse…I’m the busiest muthaf*cka in the world but I got time to work out.”

He rambles on for about another minute or so, calling the corners everything ranging from lazy to selfish mfers and eloquently concludes the video with a “from me to you…F*ck you!”


  1. Correction – There’s a Basketball Wives Remix of the video. The video’s been remixed with famous quotes from his beloved over at Basketball wives. I hope you run this video. If not, then “F$ck Sh$t, it is what it is”.

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