Arizona DC Ray Horton Sells Mercedes to Steelers Cafeteria Worker Maurice Matthews for $20


This would be considered a feel good story.

It also shows there are still nice people in the world who do nice things.  Former Steelers Coach Ray Horton accepted a job as the Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator.

One his final day for the Steelers he decided to surprise Cafeteria Worker Maurice Matthews. takes over the story from here:

On his final day in Pittsburgh, Horton approached Matthews to say goodbye and asked if he could borrow whatever money he had in his pocket. When Matthews handed over a twenty, Horton said “sold for $20!” and handed him the keys to his car.

“Ray said, ‘Hey, you always liked the car, you’re a good dude, I know you’ll take care of it,” Matthews told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It’s yours.”

The next day he drove Horton to the airport and received all the paperwork to take ownership of the car. With 64,000 miles on it, Matthews ended up paying $20 for a vehicle that carries a Kelly Blue Book valueof $17,735.

“It’s just taking care of guys who took care of you,” Horton told the Arizona Cardinals team blog.

Any time you can get a Mercedes for $20 it has been a blessed day.  Horton you could tell was doing it out of the kindness of his heart.  Just another example of how the Steelers organization sans Big Ben strong arming and Hines Ward DUI is a top flight franchise in the NFL.


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