Brett Favre on Going to Miami Dolphins: “No.”

“Brett Favre Watch 2011” is in full effect. Yesterday we reported that Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano said he wasn’t “ruling anything out” in regards to the team bringing in Brett Favre.

Hoping to get an answer on his future directly from the man himself, Miami Herald Reporter Jeff Darlington flew to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and tracked down Favre.

His body moved slowly and gingerly, each step appearing to take as much deliberate effort as the next. Brett Favre didn’t look like a man capable of returning to the NFL on Friday. He doesn’t sound like one, either.

“I haven’t heard anything, and I don’t have any interest,” Favre snapped, quickly retreating into a pickup truck. “No.”

Of course you have to take anything Brett Favre says with a grain of salt. His “no” is as believable as a girl who says “I have never done this before” in bed on a first date.

I appreciate Darlington’s drive to jump on this story, which is still just mere speculation. Favre didn’t seem to agree.

“You’re from Miami?” Favre asked. “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

I really don’t think Favre is the answer. Bringing him in right now would work to spike interest in the team, but the team already has plenty of quarterbacks who can throw interceptions for touchdowns.

Let’s hope fans don’t chant “We Want Favre” at the next practice or Sparano might implode.

One thought on “Brett Favre on Going to Miami Dolphins: “No.”

  • If Brett Favre says no then the rumors might be false or his denying it all the way. But the coach of Miami Dolphins has not said anything about this matter or either confirmed it. So we better wait if Brett is going to be on Miami dolphins, let keep our fingers cross.

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