Cowboys Rob Ryan still talking trash to the Eagles

We all know the Ryan brothers. The originator of the Ryan family insanity is James David “Buddy” Ryan who famously took a swing at then offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride on the sidelines of a game. It’s safe to say that the Ryan family doesn’t do quiet.

Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, is on year 3 of predicting that this is THE year for the New York Jets. Rex is vocal, boisterous, irreverent and down right crass at times. No matter because his players and the New York media loves him.

Naturally, Rex’s twin brother Rob Ryan is cut from the same cloth. Last week, Rob Ryan, Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator, said that his team didn’t win the “all hype team” which vaguely alluded to Philadelphia Eagles who are now dubbed the new “Dream Team”. Rob’s statement drew the ire of Cullen Jenkins who tweeted,

“Talk is cheap. Let them talk. We are focused here and I could care less. We are worried about ourselves n getting better. He must be nervous.”

Mike Vick was also compelled to respond and said that his team would “make Ryan eat his words”. Say what you want about the Ryans, they know how to get under people’s skin.

Of course, Rob Ryan isn’t backing down. Yesterday, Rob stated,

“You can’t talk noise if you don’t have the players to back it up. We always walk the walk. Anybody that knows a Ryan knows they walk the walk. We don’t talk the talk, we walk it. Our guys are gonna be good, and we know it. So that ain’t talkin’. That’s just the (bleepin’) way it is.”

Ahhhh, it’s football season and it feels good.

I love this part of the game. Rivalries make the game of football so much more fun. Saints/Falcons, Ravens/Steelers, Jets/Patriots, Cowboys/Redskins, Raiders/Chiefs, Packers/Bears…..rivalry games warm my soul. There’s usually so much more energy and trashtalking (my specialty) and it looks like the Eagles/Cowboys rivalry will be great this year.

The Cowboys and the Eagles play on October 30, 2011. Something tells me that this game will be worth the hype. I’ll be there and simply cannot wait.


4 thoughts on “Cowboys Rob Ryan still talking trash to the Eagles

  • I’m biting my nails already!!! #LetsGoCowboys!!!

  • Do we really need another one of these fat slobs Ryans talking crap? This guy was in Cleveland for how long and what did he accomplish? Media is kissing their butts, calling them fresh,confident, and all kind of other name, bet you if it was a black player or coach saying the same things,they would be cocky, troublemaker and all the bad words. Time for the double standard to stop.

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