Lebron James Calls out Merril Hoge for Tim Tebow Comments

As we reported earlier today, ESPN analyst Merril Hoge took to twitter to express his displeasure with Tim Tebow’s game.

He also took to the airwaves to continue his apparent vendetta against The Quarterbacking Messiah. This obviously got the attention of young Mr. Tebow, who had his own response via twitter.

Now I am not the biggest Tim Tebow fan in the world, but that is a pretty damn good response.

Tebow then had an interesting supporter come and back him up, LeBron James.

King James, who has become unusually reserved in his tweeting after everything he said was being dissected and over-analyzed, decided to come to the defense of Tebow. (the second one is the tmi.me link on the first tweet)

LeBron started with a simple harmless defense of Tebow, but then he let a little bit of the nWo LeBron slip out when he says

Guys get on that TV and act like they was all WORLD when they played.

Now I have never agreed when athletes say reporters shouldn’t talk because they “never played the game” because you can know a lot about the game with an outside perspective. But what LeBron James is doing here is basically calling out a guy who was a pro athlete but is most famous for getting a lot of concussions.

In my opinion. Hoge is one of the better “former player” analysts ESPN has because you don’t really remember him as much of a player, but to call out Tim Tebow the way he did was a little out of sorts.

Its just interesting that LeBron James is calling him out on it. Hopefully this is the start of more nWo LeBron.

8 thoughts on “Lebron James Calls out Merril Hoge for Tim Tebow Comments

  • Hoge is 100% correct. Tebow is a bum with a great PR team. Dreadful at best.

  • Hoge gets paid to express his opinion but I interested to see how it all works out for Tebow.

  • It doesn’t matter if Hoge or any other football analyst was all world or not. They get paid to analyze the game and its players. I’m sure guys like Kenny Smith (decent former NBA player), Stephen A. Smith, and David Aldridge (NBA analysts who have never played pro ball) have had a few unflattering comments about Lebron’s play on many occassions. That doesn’t make them any less qualfied to give their opinions.

    Lebron can disagree with any sports ananlyst’s opinions, but he shouldn’t try to marginalize their opinions because they weren’t great players themselves. C’mon son.

  • I agree with you guys, basically Hoge was just doing his job as an analyst. And at the end of the day a player like Tebow would know what went wrong on his plays. In the world of sports there isn’t a single player who is not struck by criticisms and I bet Lebron has many of those too.

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