Tiki Barber Proposes to Intern Traci Lynn Johnson While Still Legally Married

I am indifferent to cheating and marriages breaking up, but you have to be a cold blooded individual to leave your wife while she is pregnant with twins to carry on a public affair with an intern.

The same intern that caused you to be fired from the high profile job that you told anyone that would listen would make you into an international star.

Then again we are talking about Tiki Barber one of the most egotistical men on the planet.  So I am not shocked to hear that he proposed to his intern even though he is still married.  In Tiki’s world this is normal behavior.

For someone who said that he thought he was better than African-American culture, he is fulfilling a lot of those stereotypes.  This isn’t about being black or white though, but just someone who isn’t a good human being.

No NFL team has any interest in Tiki and why would they?  He is an old running back who hasn’t played in years that majority of people in the league doesn’t like.

Maybe he can have a celebrity wedding like Kim Kardashian to make up some of that money he has lost, the only problem is that no one would watch.

4 thoughts on “Tiki Barber Proposes to Intern Traci Lynn Johnson While Still Legally Married

  • Well written piece Robert and you hit the nail on the head. SO sad to see people who are so full of themselves that they can’t even see when they’re headed on the road to self-destruction.

    And the girl can’t be too bright either. What makes her think he won’t do the same to her?

  • This dude is a clown,she will leave his ass in a couple of years.

  • Met him in ’99 he took something I said and twisted in getting mad but I ignored him and had a decent convo with phillipi sparks(shoudve asked him to intro me to his goregous daughter lol) anyways dudes a prick and karmas a beyatch

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