Vince Young Says “Dream Team” Comment Was Taken out of Context, Blames Media

Vince Young has a problem.

He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.  He has been that way since he was at Texas.  He always is passing blame to someone else, instead of manning up and owning what he does.

The latest example of this comes from him coining the Eagles “The Dream Team”, he knew exactly what he said when he said it, but now he is trying to blame the media for it.

That’s pretty much how it go with Vince Young,” Young said Monday, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  “My words always get taken out of context.  It’s just basically what I mean.  We do have some really talented guys and I feel like if we continue to keep working and taking care of our responsibilities and finish like a team like we want to finish I feel like that’s pretty much how I called it.”

And so, basically, it’s still a Dream Team.

“That’s just how I feel,” Young said. “I don’t care what nobody else says, that’s how I feel about the guys here.”

So how exactly was it taking out of context if that is what he meant and he doesn’t care what anyone says?  I don’t believe in Wonderlic tests, but sometimes I wonder if VY is a bit slow.

Going 3rd person isn’t helping the situation either.

Do less talking and more study of the offense VY.

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