Witnesses Say Braylon Edwards Attacked Bar Employee Before Jalen Rose Stopped Him

This can’t be true can it?

Rarely am I speechless, but if you believe what the witnesses said, I really have no words about the stupidity of Jalen Rose and Braylon Edwards.

It had appeared that Edwards was going to get a pass on the bar fight he and his goons were involved in, but now the police are involved and assault charges could be coming.

Here are the details:

SB Nation Arizona spoke with two employees of the bar who were present during the fight but asked to remain anonymous due to a police request that witnesses not talk about the incident. 

According to the sources, the original altercation started between Edwards’ group of about 20 friends and about eight to 10 “known guys” from Detroit whose leader was described as a “million dollar drug dealer” who frequents South Bar in Birmingham, a wealthy suburb of The Motor City.

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose was reported to be part of Edwards’ group and while described as drunk, he apparently attempted to hold Edwards back and keep him from fighting.

The original altercation was said to have started when someone from Edwards’ group “threw up” in the booth area of the group from Detroit.

According to both sources, he mistook a bus boy only identified as “Dave” for a bouncer and charged into the kitchen after him. Edwards reportedly tackled Dave (described as a big guy who looks like a linebacker) and the two exchanged blows before they were separated.

While Edwards and Dave were fighting, two of Edwards’ cousins rushed into the kitchen. One produced a knife that he had been carrying and stabbed a bouncer in his back and his hand. The other grabbed a fork and stabbed a different bouncer in his neck and his head. These two cousins were arrested by police that night.

The bus boy reportedly assaulted by Edwards is said to be filing a report with the Birmingham Police Department charging Edwards for assaulting him.



Why was Jalen Rose there?  Rose is a grown man and as long as he isn’t drinking and driving he can do what he wants, but he might want to drink in a group that doesn’t include Edwards and the Goons.

I can not believe that Braylon Edwards is this dumb.  I can’t comprehend someone being this stupid, so what I am going to do is give him the benefit of the doubt until the police has more to say.

With that being said maybe it is Braylon Edwards who has the social disorder and not Brandon Marshall.

Someone call Dr. Phil or Lafayette from True Blood.

17 thoughts on “Witnesses Say Braylon Edwards Attacked Bar Employee Before Jalen Rose Stopped Him

  • Why would you give Braylon the benefit of any doubt. Dude stays in trouble. The funny thing is that he is only messing with his own pockets. No wonder the Jets let him walk and signed a reciever that is 6 years older and had been in the pen for 2 years. As for Jalen, I guess this is part of being a real black man. Do you notice that the so called “uncle Tom’s” at least stay off the police blotter? This the third incident being reported about Rose and the police since March. I know this time he was supposly trying to stop an incident, but at what point does he start taking responsibility fir his life and stop putting himself in these situations? I guess he has about 18 more days in jail to think about it. He better be careful. We all know the folks in Bristol don’t play when it comes to the “talent”. Especially brothers.

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