Kevin Durant on Russell Westbrook: “We Butted Heads, But I Don’t Want Another PG”

When I see Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, I see mirror images of a young Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury when they were together in Minnesota.

At the time KG could do no wrong and he was the undisputed leader of the team. Some thought Marbury was the more talented of the two and as an Alpha Male he didn’t want to be seen as a 1B.

Eventually the small city couldn’t hold both of them and it was Marbury that ended up leaving. Will the same happen to Durant and Westbrook? I will tell you my thoughts after you read what KD had to say about the situation courtesy of Larry Brown Sports.

“We butt heads just like any other players because we are both competitive, we both want to go at it, we both have ideas,” Durant said in an interview with Yahoo! Sports. “That’s going to happen. But I support him 100 percent. Of course, I hated when people were saying the stuff they were saying, and he hated it as well. I didn’t want it to get to his head. I hate when people try to creep into the group and try to break things up.

“I don’t want any other point guard,” Durant said. “He’s perfect for us, the type of guy he is, the type of player he is, the type of teammate he is. We’re all competitive, especially me and him. We get the best of each other in practice every day, and we want to go at each other and make each other better. We are going to have disagreements. That’s what all good players on good teams do.”

If I was Westbrook I would be very careful when he becomes a free agent.  Not saying he will fall off the deep end like Marbury, but when you are teammates with a Top 5 player in the game those opportunities don’t come around often.

You have heard the saying….

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

That was always a dumb statement because sometimes the grass is much much greener, but in Westbrook’s case he should think really hard before taking his ball and going home.

In ten years he could be on whatever is like UStream eating Vaseline.

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