Manny Pacquiao Unimpressed with Floyd Mayweather Knockout of Victor Ortiz

Manny Pacquiao watched the Mayweather-Ortiz fight on tv and didn’t like the manner in which the fight ended.  Manny spoke to the Philippine Star after the fight.

“Very poor sportsmanship,” said the Pacquiao in the aftermath of Floyd Mayweather’s controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz in Las Vegas yesterday.

Pacquiao said he didn’t’ see anything illegal with what Mayweather did because he thought that the referee, Joe Cortez, had already ordered the fight to continue.

“It was not illegal,” he said.

Freddie Roach also gave his opinion of the controversial knockout.

“The referee was still talking to someone at ringside. And I didn’t see him said ‘box’ like they always do. I think he lost control,” said Roach

Joe Cortez on the other hand, made it clear no foul play was done by Floyd.

“Time was in. The fighter needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal,” Cortez firmly said after the fight.

We all could only hope Manny continues to speak about Mayweather and wins his next fight, we all will “MAYweather” get the match we have been waiting for.

3 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Unimpressed with Floyd Mayweather Knockout of Victor Ortiz

  • Manny’s gonna carve up Floyd like a Machette in the bushland

    • I hear ya talkin Big Al. But you just keep on dreamin like everyone else because Manny won’t even touch Floyd, but the body punches will brake Manny down.Manny’s too predictable and as smart as Floyd is,he will take full advantage of Manny everytime Manny rushes Floyd.The fight won’t even go the distance.Floyd already knows how to beat Manny, Floyd is about the big money. In short Big Al,manny won’t win a fight with Floyd today,or five years from now.Manny can’t wear Floyd’s joc-strap.There isn’t a fighter out there that can.Floyd will retire champion after Manny. Please believe me..

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