Mugshot: Stephan Pittman, The Vince Young Impostor Arrested on Fraud Charges


You knew this would happen soon enough. Once Vince Young brought the Vince Young impersonator to the mainstream media everyone who Stephan Pittman had swindle went running to the police or the media so they could get their 15 minutes of fame.

Now Mr. Pittman has been arrested.

Police suspect Stephan Pittman, of Fort Washington, of posing as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and accepting money to make appearances.

The impostor made several appearances in the past week or so, according to the Vince Young Foundation. He said he was accepting money for that non-profit.

The Washington Examiner gossip blog Yeas and Nays ran a picture identifying Young at a Georgetown party for model Jana Sedlakova that was also attended by former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe in early September, but that, too, was an impostor.

I still find it incredible hard to believe that anyone would think this was Vince Young and how many imposters does Vince Young have?  Is he really popular enough to have multiple imposters?

I am going to start telling people I am Black Tebow to see how far it gets me.

H/T @recordsANDradio


  1. This guy is back at it! He is not posing as a football player but saying he just returned from playing bball overseas for past 13 years. Too bad he was really just released from prison in OH for the rape he was charged with in 2009. He date rapes girls! We went out and I had a few drinks and all of a sudden didn’t remember what happened. I remember the bar and then driving home.
    He didn’t ask for money. I think he just date rapes people who are smart enough not to give money.

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