Video: Giants Deon Grant Fakes an Injury To Slow Down Rams No Huddle


Honestly this is weaker than the Ray J vs. Fabolous beef.

You should never “fake” an injury, besides it being poor sportsmanship it is awful karma.  It is like calling off work when you are sick because you still hungover from the club then when you really need your sick time you are out of it.

Eventually it will come back to haunt you.

What makes this video so bad is it isn’t just one, but two Giants who put on an Oscar worthy performance.  Pathetic to be honest.


  1. I think it was a heads up play by a veteran of a team that was in total disarray. This may have been 7 points if he didn’t do that instead it was three. I say good job Grant!

  2. X must be a Giants fan. Only a Giants fan would say that Pathetic double fake was a good thing. I felt embarassed for them…and I hate the Giants. Ole lazy eye Eli should be kissing Rams butt after they gave him his first win of the season. Giants didn’t earn any points last night, without the help of the Rams and dumb luck, they are 0-2.

  3. Yes I am a NY fan. and that “Pathetic double fake” was a good thing it slowed em down stopped momentum and saved us a few points. (which in retrospect I dont think they would of scored 7 any way from the way they were dropping passes.) anyway a win is a win (and btw we had at least 3 successful drives that “earned” us points)

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