Video: Vince Young Hamstring Explodes in Final Preseason Game

VY played pretty well in the Eagles final preseason game against the Jets, unfortunately for him it ended with him clutching his hamstring.

You never want to see anyone get injured, but the video is fascinating on a few levels.

VY is looking very smooth on a roll out and then unexpectedly he blows a tire.

At that point his legs and his brain aren’t on the same page on what to do.  His leg is saying………….

“The quarterback must go down and he must go down hard.”

And his mind is saying………..

“I need to stay healthy if I want to be the next Eagles QB to parlay a few good games into a huge contract.”

In the end his legs won out, but not before he almost completed a touchdown pass.  The good news is that VY isn’t the starting quarterback, so if he needs to take a few weeks off that should fine.

He needs to get healthy soon, because there is no way Michael Vick makes it through 16 games, not with that offensive line.

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