Basketball Wives LA: Draya Michele Dating Dallas Mavericks DeShawn Stevenson



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I know, I know. It seems that every other day there is a new story on Draya from LA Basketball Wives.

However, the young model has recently posted pictures on Facebook of her and “friend” DeShawn Stevenson of the Dallas Mavericks (sorry no naked pics like the ones below).

Draya Michele Naked #1

Draya Michele Naked #2

She also posted on Facebook as a status: “DESHAWN STEVENSON SAYS “WHATS HANNIN'” FACEBOOK lol”.

She says the picture below was a throwback pic.

According to Draya they have been besties for some time now. From the photos, they look a little closer than just friends.I don’t know how many  ladies allow their male “friend” to pose with their hand on their butt before they go out to dinner.

If she’s finally snagged herself a baller, good for her. Maybe now the rest of the LA Basketball Wives won’t be so concerned about her swirling down the pole for their men.  If you aren’t aware of DeShawn Stevenson, he is the baller who has Abraham Lincoln on his neck.


  1. Deshawn is not the sharpest knife in the draw I remember when he was a rookie he got in trouble for linking up with under aged teens…yeah he would be the one to save her ROFLMAO

  2. Draya is the fine one. Cute and real.Made a few mistakes in life and it is what it is. The rest are evil $h!t starters who think it’s a privilege to hang out with them. Christie’s wife is also one to speak her mind and wont just talk behind your back, she’ll say it to your face.All those other girls are frontin’ with someone elses money.
    If you wonder how a man knows about these girls,it’s because watching the show nowadays is the only way i can see a ball player since the lockout.

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