Bucs Aqib Talib Participating in “Da First Eva Coon-O-Ween Party”

I have done close to 10,000 stories since I started BlackSportsOnline.

There has been a lot of crazy, sad, funny and odd stories that have come across my laptop screen.  So many in fact that I have become numb to a lot of the stuff I report.

But every once in awhile a story will pop up and I literally have to take a deep breath and say………..


Deadspin has the details that are giving me a migraine.

A couple of tipsters have alerted us to Talib’s participation in “Da First Eva Coon-O-Ween Party,” a Tampa-based Halloween party/wack rap show that’s scheduled for Sunday, when the Bucs are on a bye. (Click here to view the full flyer.) For $40, per the ad, you can see Tom G, Famous Kid Brick, Tae Bae Bae, Teddy P, Ms. Heather Marie, Rated R, and Young AJ, with a complementary buffet. “Aquib [sic] Talib” is listed as a special guest, with “other Bucs guests” promised on the flyer. There’s no way the Bucs can be pleased with their players attending a party named “Coon-O-Ween.”

It must be especially troubling given the billed appearance from a player who’s staring down an assault trial in the offseason.

Talib who has been a headache going as far back to his days at Kansas is probably dumb enough to agree to something like this.   This is the one time I would like an athlete to lie and say he had nothing to do with this and it was huge mistake.

I mean seriously…..


I fear for our future generations of black men and women.

13 thoughts on “Bucs Aqib Talib Participating in “Da First Eva Coon-O-Ween Party”

  • That is some incredibly ignorant BS… wow.

    That’s all I got, wow.

  • Why don’t we hold the judgment, we all know that people use celebrities pics without them knowing,although I would not be surprised if he agrees to it.

  • The people behind this event are freaking idiots…..if some white boys had a college party with the same name it would be an “outrage”…smh

  • Since they misspelled his name on the flyer, chances are he may not have anything to do this. That being said, who’s sadder, the promoters for coming up with this BS idea…..or the dummies willing to pay $40 to go to this BS idea.

  • Months ago you posted a Ron Artest “F*** the Heat” flier. The company had used Artest’s photo without his permission.

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