Chad Ochocinco’s Dad Syl Johnson Suing Jay Z & Kanye West Over Sampling


Never knew that Ocho’s pops was a pretty successful Blues singer back in the day.

Syl Johnson’s song “Different Strokes” has been sampled by a lot of rappers over the years, according to him Kanye and Jay used it illegally on their CD “Watch the Throne”.

Here is what he had to say.

Blues singer Syl Johnson and father to former NFL star Chad Ochocinco says “ Kanye West​ blew it” when it came to giving credit for sampling Johnson’s “Different Strokes” record on the bonus track “joy” from Watch The Throne…When asked if the track was stolen, Syl responded, “Well he didn’t pay me…he used my style, my sound, my likeness.”

The suit claims copyright infringement, unfair competition, fraud, requests an order to impound all recordings of the song, an accounting of the revenues and a judgment for the balance due Johnson.It also prohibits them from performing the song in concert.

You can see where Ocho gets his personality from.

Ironically Chad’s sister Syleena Johnson has worked with Kanye in the past and is an R&B artist herself. She is the singer on his song “All Falls Down”.

She is a pretty lady.

You learn something new every day.


  1. Recording artist Syl johnson isn’t Chad’s dad, isn’t the guy in the photo of Chad with his dad, and isn’t dead. Maybe Chad’s recently deceased father had the same name, but I read his dad’s name was Sam.

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