Evelyn Lozada Selling Chad OchoCinco Non F’N Factor & Not in the End Zone T-Shirts


When your fiancee is struggling or having problems at work there are a lot of things you can do as a woman to support your man.  I am not exactly sure if selling T-Shirts mocking his performance is one of them, but Ocho and Evelyn aren’t your regular couple.

While Ocho who recently returned from a twitter hiatus is waiting for his breakout game with the Patriots, his fiancee’ was printing up these new shirts to sell on her website.

She is selling these shirts for $35.40, doesn’t she know it is a recession? I hope Ocho is getting at least 40% of the profits.

Using the “8 Mile” theory, the best way to take pressure off yourself is to acknowledge what you aren’t doing well, before anyone else can.  If you can make some cash off it even better.

Plus when you are a reality show couple you have to say in the news any way you can.  Most people will fall into the trap of thinking Evelyn is dissing Ocho, but trust me this was probably plotted out during pillow talk.

A little strange, but both Evelyn and Chad are a bit quirky, so this maybe be there twisted version on foreplay.