Pics: Pete Carroll Wants Lebron James to Play for Seahawks..Has Jersey Ready

Lebron caused a stir yesterday by asking if the NFL were still signing players (Lebron James Wants to Play in the NFL During the Lockout, Eagles Should Call Him).

Pete Carroll decided to test Lebron’s interest.

If I was Lebron I would do it. I would just start showing up at NFL practices. Yes, it is attention whoring, but it is interesting attention whoring.

Don’t lie, you would be glue to your TV if Lebron was signed a week contract with a NFL team and debut on say Monday Night Football.

Check out the convo that Carroll and The King had on Twitter.

PeteCarroll Pete Carroll
hey @KingJames are you aware of what the League’s rookie minimum is?

KingJames LeBron James
@PeteCarroll yeah more than what I’m making now Coach

PeteCarroll Pete Carroll
@KingJames I kinda think of you as a touchdown maker but is it true you think of yourself as a pass rusher?

KingJames LeBron James
@PeteCarroll TD maker for sure!

PeteCarroll Pete Carroll
@KingJames I like it! maybe you should head over to #TheU & I’ll set up a little workout for you to catch a few balls… just ask for BC

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