Video: Nyjer Morgan Drops F-Bombs on Live TV After Series Winning Hit For Brewers

A lot of people think Nyjer Morgan aka Tony Plush is crazy.

I think he is good at marketing himself.  When you are in Milwaukee you have to do something to stand out and Morgan has decided the best way to do that is be a mix of OchoCinco, Ron Artest and Delonte West (without the guns hopefully).

After winning the series for the Brewers over the Diamondbacks, he decided to let out a couple of F-Bombs on live TV to show how he was feeling.

Our society can be too politically correct at times, it isn’t something that kids should see, but it was pure emotion so can’t fault him too much. Plus TBS has to know he is a loose cannon and at any time he could go into.


  • 9 thoughts on “Video: Nyjer Morgan Drops F-Bombs on Live TV After Series Winning Hit For Brewers

    • I think TBS needs to be sure this lunatic doesn’t ever speak into a live microphone again. He robbed the audience of the achievements of a great playoff team with his obscenities. Instead of focusing on the Brewers win, we were forced to focus on one guy’s rambling. Kirk Gibson he isn’t.

    • I think people need to not hate on Nyjer Morgan for being so outspoken and enthusatic… TBS isnt even on Public tv if you have cable you’re able to watch it… But i mean children or not whatever… They say Bitch on Glee which is On PUBLIC tv and kids watch glee!!! Bitch is probably just as bad as the F word… Plus it wasnt an interview… he didnt even notice they were there he was screaming his excitment out and looking at the fans… I dont even think he noticed the camera or microphone there! Leave him alone!

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