Video: The Rise and Fall of WWE Superstar Razor Ramon

This isn’t an unusual tale for true fans of Professional wrestling.

You don’t hear of too many wrestlers aging gracefully into retirement.

Who is the biggest wrestler of all time?  Hulk Hogan right?  There was a documentary on him this summer speaking on how his ex wife took all his money, how he was on so many drugs I lost count and his life in general was in shambles.

Who is the greatest hell wrestler of all time?  Ric Flair right? Just read this story on Flair from and tell me if your mouth isn’t on the ground by the time you finished.

The list of Wrestlers who have met an early death is astonishing and I still shudder when I think about Chris Benoit did.  So while others were shocked about this E:60 expose’ on Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon, I wasn’t.  I would have been shocked if it didn’t turn out this way.

6 thoughts on “Video: The Rise and Fall of WWE Superstar Razor Ramon

  • I don’t understand the “rise and fall” part. Most pro wrestlers (and athletes) end up this way.

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