Fresno Pacific Basketball Player Leonard Young Arrested After Naked Rampage

When you read a story involving a school like Fresno Pacific University, you know it’s about to be a good one. This one does not disappoint.

Leonard Young was dismissed from the basketball team for a “violation of team rules” earlier in the week. Like any 21 year old, he was obviously hurt by it. What he did as a result of it is something the Hangover would not even touch.

A Fresno Pacific University basketball player went on a naked rampage Monday night near campus after being told that he had been kicked off the team, Fresno police said Tuesday.

Leonard Tyrell Young, 21, ran naked through a convenience store parking lot, tried to steal a police car, beat a police officer and police dog and withstood three Taser strikes before finally being subdued, police said.

You read that right. Leonard Young got his Frank the Tank on and went streaking. However, Young was on a rampage and nothing was safe. On his way through town he punched cars and reportedly assaulted two women. That got the police involved.

When someone is drinking and at their boiling point, authority figures can either defuse the situation, or make it ten times worse. I bet you know which one happened in this situation.

He fought the police officer AND the police dog.

Young was also apparently tired of running and wanted to drive away. The closest getaway car? What else, the cop car! After surviving through two rounds of tasings, the third one finally put him down to where he could be restrained.

The craziest thing about this story is that before being dismissed, Leonard Young was reportedly doing really well at school and in school.

This can’t be life, man.

2 thoughts on “Fresno Pacific Basketball Player Leonard Young Arrested After Naked Rampage

  • Damn..he had to be on PCP, crack…LSD..whatever….who the hell beats up a cop and his police dog…LMAO……then gets tased 3 times….WTF

  • Leonard Young was doing things that would make Charlie Sheen look like Miss Daisy….Erik Ainge style

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