Kurt Warner To Tim Tebow: Slow Down On Jesus Talk

Before Tim Tebow, former Rams and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner was the NFL player who wore his religion on his sleeve. Whenever Warner got an opportunity to acknowledge Jesus on a national level he took that opportunity. Including after he won the Super Bowl.

But he later learned that constantly talking about his religion turned a lot of sports fans off and he believes that the same thing is happening with Tebow. Warner thinks Tebow will be better off letting his actions speak for him instead of his words in regards to his religion.

Here’s what Warner had to say, via larrybrownsports.com.

“There’s almost a faith cliche, where (athletes) come out and say, ‘I want to thank my Lord and savior,’” Warner told the Arizona Republic. “As soon as you say that, the guard goes up, the walls go up, and I came to realize you have to be more strategic.”

Warner feels that’s a lesson Tim Tebow could benefit from.

“You can’t help but cheer for a guy like that,” Warner said of Tebow. “But I’d tell him, ‘Put down the boldness in regards to the words, and keep living the way you’re living. Let your teammates do the talking for you. Let them cheer on your testimony.’

“I know what he’s going through, and I know what he wants to accomplish, but I don’t want anybody to become calloused toward Tim because they don’t understand him, or are not fully aware of who he is. And you’re starting to see that a little bit.”

As a Christian, I have no problem with Tebow thanking Jesus after every game because I believe as God’s children we can’t thank Him enough and we should take every opportunity we have to thank Him for blessing us with talents and gifts.

But I do understand that everyone doesn’t believe what I believe and they don’t want to have it thrown in their faces all the time. It’s about respect and I respect all the other religions even though I don’t agree with them.

I cosign Warner’s advice to Tebow, especially on this statement:

“The greatest impact you can have on people is never what you say, but how you live. When you speak and represent the person of Jesus Christ in all actions of your life, people are drawn to that. You set the standard with your actions. The words can come after.”

People respond better to what you do than what you say. That’s just the way it is. Religion is a touchy subject and some people just don’t want to talk about it or hear about it.

Openly expressing your religious beliefs is your prerogative, but people will see your faith and belief through your character and actions. Religion is offered and not thrown on people.

3 thoughts on “Kurt Warner To Tim Tebow: Slow Down On Jesus Talk

  • I don’t think he needs to slow down on the Jesus talk… I just think there is a proper way… I’m a Christian, and I find it an honor to glorify God whenever possible… but we have to be careful of not taking that glory for ourselves. My issue with Tebow is not his praising God, it’s the fact that he paints himself as perfect… the only man I know to have walked the earth and can stake that claim is Jesus. As Christians, we must be very conscious of not putting ourselves on a moral pedestal above others… it’s quite self serving and actually goes against the teaching of Christ.

    He will have to understand that not everyone will agree with or except his religion… but even some of us who are Christians are a bit put off by his “approach.”

  • I like the idea of Tim Tebow sharing is faith when it is appropriate and believe God wants Tim to endorse Love Sportswear. Sure Tim wants to talk about Christ and make HIm known… He knows Jesus is the only way… and the platform of a Christian sportswear company would be the perfect place for Tim and other Christians to display their faith and honor God.

  • @Keli with starving children in Africa, you’d think a football player would have more tact in thanking his almighty imaginary friend. That’s what turns people off to religion: the douchebaggery of it all. The “I’m better that you because I talk to myself every day”. he needs to cut that shit out because I know damn well he wouldn’t like it if an atheist were to denigrate his beliefs on a daily basis

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