Photo: Shaq Denied Entry Into Mars 2112 Because He Was Dressed Like a Bum

Normally athletes and entertainers are allowed a little leeway with the dress code in the club. The reason being is if there is someone famous in the club, more people will go to the club and more people will drink in the club and the club becomes more profitable.

Either this means Shaq star has lost a little shine or the owner of Mars 2112 is a stickler for his dress code, but either way it is pretty funny.

Larry Brown Sports breaks it down.

TMZ says Shaq was not allowed to enter Mars 2112 in New York because he was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a beanie (outfit pictured). He was told he couldn’t enter, reportedly answered “are you serious?”, and walked down the street to another place.

The club’s promoter, Mike Mogul, added more details on his Twitter account.

Did y’all just see Shaquille o wearing the same thing 2 days in a row check 7 days.”

Dear SHAQ …. LISTEN HOMEY … sorry u aint make it inside of MARS … shaq went to fashion 40 … after we shut him down.”

Mr. Mogul sounds what I would expect a NYC club owner to sound and that isn’t a good thing.  I doubt his last name is Mogul by the way.

Shaq looks a little like Ed Reed in that pic, but don’t think Ed has any problems getting into Baltimore clubs.

Is this Karma for Shaq’s book?  Probably not but with no longer basketball goals, it looks like the Diesel is going to become the next Charles Barkley post NBA life.

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