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Cam Newton Blames JaMarcus Russell & Vince Young For His Critics

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
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Cameron is a very good young player and yes he has proved a lot of his critics wrong (myself included), but he still says some things that make absolutely no sense at all.

Here is what Cameron had to say about his critics.

“I can’t sit up here and look at it like, oh man, my critics are racist,” Newton says. “I blame JaMarcus Russell and to some degree Vince Young. If you have the opportunity to make that kind of money doing something you love to do, why would you screw it up? I’m trying to be a trailblazer. If Baylor’s Robert Griffin decides to come out, I want people to say ‘He can be the next Cam Newton’ instead of ‘He’s gonna be the next JaMarcus Russell.'”

“I had people who can’t throw a football telling me my mechanics were wrong,” says Newton. “I had people taking shots at my character, classifying me as a thug, as a hoodlum. After Week 3 or 4, all these same people wanted an interview. I said, ‘You were giving me all this crap and had so much to say about how I was gonna play, and now you wanna talk? No. Just sit back and watch the show, man.'”

There was nothing racial about these facts.

Cameron came from a simplistic offense system.

Cameron had only one year as a starting QB at a major college program.

Cameron and his family had some shady dealings while he was Auburn.

Cameron had some shady dealings while he was at Florida.

JaMarcus Russell didn’t cause that, Vince Young didn’t cause that, Cameron Newton caused that.  It is great that he proved he could be a legit starting quarterback in the NFL, but one great year doesn’t make you are Superstar it makes you a star in the making.

No matter how many yards or TDs Cameron passes or runs for in the NFL what you do in the playoffs and Super Bowl rings is what separates the very good quarterbacks from the great.

Last time I checked Panthers are 6-9.

I get the chip on his shoulder is huge and he is using that as motivation.  That is great for him, but a dash of humility to go with that ego would be a good look as well for Cameron.

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  1. TrojanGQ says:

    Preach, brother Robert!

  2. Ant says:

    Man sometimes you just come off as a hater Rob. Yeah I get how Cam’s words can be perceived as arrogant or cocky, but that clearly wasn’t his intention, you and I both know that. Everything he said was perfectly fine and he didn’t refer to himself as a superstar. However you can not deny his impact on his team and the league itself. The Panthers are 6-9 but they’d most likely be even worse without Cam Newton’s contributions. It’s like you got some personal beef with the guy because this isn’t the first time you’ve ripped on Cam for little to nothing.

  3. Swift says:

    1 year starting at a major college and he won the heisman and the national championship

    As far as the shady dealings at florida goes he took somebody laptop. You act like you was a dope dealer.

    Dude is good and far better than the critics said he would be

  4. Robert, Robert, Robert...tsk..tsk says:

    Why you hate Cam so much Bruh? You’re watching the best QB in the NFL right now. If he stays healthy, when it’s all said and done, Cam will own every meaningful NFL QB record. Stop hating!

    • Anthony says:

      HOLD DON DOE!! The best QB in the NFL is Aaron Rodgers aka Mr Discount Double Check. Period 14-1 record ain’t no joke and you can quit the dickriding of this egomaniacal bastard Scam Newton

      • Why you hate Cam so much Bruh? says:

        Hahaahah @ Aaron Rodgers is the best. He has the best receiving corp in the league, yes, but best QB, hell no!! Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady are all overrated system QB’s, they don’t have the natural ability of Cam.

  5. Why you hate Cam so much Bruh? says:

    You’re watching the best QB in the NFL right now. If he stays healthy, when it’s all said and done, Cam will own every meaningful NFL QB record. Stop hating!

  6. DT says:

    Blank stare at Cam….

  7. D. Taylor says:

    rob, you are showing your hand. you don’t like that he spoke his mind about some of you guys in the media. he will learn that it is best not to tell the truth because some of you will smell blood in the water. chill rob or don’t chill. i guess you are doing what makes your website worth reading.

  8. Mike Dub says:

    You sound a bit salty Rob. Why shouldnt he address his critics? You and other media members wrote the guy off before the season with your criticsm; and now that you were proven wrong he needs to just be quiet? Cmon Rob…The only thing i would disagree with is name dropping..he was right in what he said about Russell and Young but he could have made his point just the same without saying their names.

  9. Dane says:

    WOW! This guy is hating hard on Cam… He said nothing wrong.. He is right for blaming Russell and VY because every D-Bag on ESPN compares black quarterbacks to black quarterbacks. He was compared to them because Russell was a pocket passer, VY was the running QB and both had problems in the Pro’s. All he was saying was that the critics were saying that the first(Black) QB was going to end up like the last two first round(Black)QB’s and that RG3 shouldn’t be compared to other failed Black QB’s(VY still has a winning record) but to a successfull one. Hopefully ESPN and the others will stop comparing Black QB’s to Black QB’s…

  10. ELove says:

    Every SIMPLE-MINDED MFer (YT or Black-FACE or Black…) that Str8 SHYTTED on Cam coming into the NFL should …

    1) EAT a Big-AZZ Burrito w/ BEANS
    2) Take a DUMP
    3) And then EAT THAT SHYT Though !!!

    If Y’ALL can’t deal with the NFL Record-BREAKING Success of The CAM-Experience then get out of The F-ing Game becuz He’s going to be around for a LONG TIME (MF-ing REAL!!!)

  11. Hi Hater says:

    As a journalist it shouldn’t always be so clear who you like/dislike. lol Rob loves Chad Ochocinco but refuses to blast him for his horrible play, being engaged to a known groupie (even though he always blasts athlete marriages), and reality show fame but he rips Cam Newton, Brandon Jacobs, and others on the regular for speaking their minds. The tone of the article always shows his hand. lol

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