Shane Mosley’s Girlfriend Bella Gonzalez Confronts Mosley’s Jumpoff on Twitter (Pics)



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Have you noticed a lot of times when someone is caught cheating the person who gets cheated on confronts the jumpoff and not their significant other?

I never quite understood that.

Especially doing it publicly Online, but we live in a Bizarro world, so maybe it makes sense.

Shane Mosley’s lady Bella Gonzalez (you remember her, how could you forget) decided to go to Twitter to get on one of Mosley’s ladies.

How did she get Bella’s panties? Interesting.


  1. Bella is gorgeous but stupid to fight publicly with a JUMP OFF on twitter. If a woman choose to remain with a man who cheats that is her choice because she ultimately knows that a man NEVER stays with a jump off. It is just a piece of *ss.

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