Video: Lamar Odom Crying During Interview With Stephen A. Smith After Almost Trade

Before General David Stern blocked the Chris Paul-to-Lakers trade, Lamar Odom didn’t take the news that he was being traded to New Orleans very well. He went on a twitter rant calling people pudding and buttercup, and showed us he doesn’t know the difference between “selfish” and “shellfish”. He later claimed he was hacked, even though his wife retweeted him.

But he didn’t just voice his frustration on twitter. He did an interview with Stephen A. Smith on Smith’s radio show and was so emotional about the trade that it brought him to tears. Check out the video.

Some of the pictures in that video are funny.

Lam Lam really went in Drake-mode last night with all this crying and twitter rant.

I understand the trade caught him off guard and he doesn’t want to leave LA. But this is business and Lamar has been in the league long enough to know that business overrules the your feelings.

And the fact that he thinks his reality show with his wife may have been a cause for the trade is just silly. Maybe your lackluster performance against the Mavs in the playoffs might had something to do with the trade.

Lamar needs to act like a professional, accept the situation for what it is and move on.

9 thoughts on “Video: Lamar Odom Crying During Interview With Stephen A. Smith After Almost Trade

  • What a pussy!I tell you what,he thinks that his husband’s stupid reality show is more important to than playing for New Orleans. that’s why he was crying. The Lakers traded Shaq, who the hell does this vagina think he is?

  • He is acting in a word, “moist”!

  • he’s sounds like he is on drugs or drunk or something

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