ESPN’s Chris Broussard Parody Video…..Why Does He Get Slandered so Much?


I am still trying to figure out why Broussard gets slandered.

Maybe I don’t watch ESPN enough to get a true understanding. When I have seen Broussard on TV, he doesn’t come across like someone you wouldn’t like.

He does have “sources”, but don’t they all?

Sometimes he is wrong about his stories, but that happens to everyone at ESPN?

Maybe he should embrace it, because when they are making parody videos of you, you must be doing something right.

H/T @jose3030


  1. 10 years ago, they found Chris Broussard loudly gossiping about sports under a bridge. They put a suit on him, pointed the camera at him and literally nothing changed.

  2. i’m trying to figure out what kind of accent the guy doing the broussard impersonation is doing…is it british? bostonian? either way, it sounds nothing even close to broussard. maybe that wasn’t the point of the skit, but at least try to sound a little like the man

  3. Many Basketball fans don’t like him because he’s seen as a mouthpiece for Lebron James and the rest of his NBA buddies (Carmelo, CP3) that are represented by CAA.

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