Lions CB Aaron Berry Says Lions Fans Can Go Back to Being “Broke and Miserable”

Berry was torched by the Saints and Drew Brees, so he had to know when he logged into Twitter it wasn’t going to be a pretty place.

Probably should have took some time to cool off before going on his rant.

Berry delivered harsh words to fans who criticized his play, comments reported by Fox Sports Detroit’s website and other media outlets.

Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…,” Berry reportedly wrote in a post, which apparently since has been taken down from his site.

Berry did, however, eventually issue an apology in a post still visible on his site Sunday afternoon.

“I apologize to my loyal fans for my tweet,” Berry wrote. “jus disgusting how ppl can get when they don’t know nothin at all.”

Fans can get real nasty on Twitter, so I understand how athletes can get annoyed, but it doesn’t help them in any way to lash out.  It only hurts their public perception.

The facts are Berry had a bad game, that is life.  Shake it off and move on, pulling the “Broke and Miserable” card is weak.  Athletes love to say that and it is an arrogant disrespectful comment to the fans who help make sure he isn’t broke.