Michigan Brendan Gibbons Admits Thinking of Smashing Groupies Before Winning Kick (Video)


I can only speak for my Alma Mater, but at The Ohio State University the kicker had groupies.

Not as many as the star players, but more than me, so I wasn’t mad at them. Now you have to make the big kicks to keep your groupies.

I always wanted a player to admit that and thank god for 36 year old Michigan Kicker Brendan Gibbons (He isn’t really 36, I don’t think anyway) for making my dream come true.

Listen to this.

I love when athletes tell the truth.

Cheers to you Brendan Gibbons.

H/T @ The Big Lead


  1. Not surprised at all. At Tennessee St in 97, our kicker was a young white kid from Washington State. He looked like Jon B, so sisters were on him. He used to tell us about how he never thought about dating black girls when he was in school, so being at an HBCU made him realize how beautiful black women are. Unfortunately, he partied a little too hard and didnt return for his sophmore year.

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