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Terrell Suggs Calls Skip Bayless a Douchebag on ESPN’s First Take (Video)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012
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Terrell Suggs isn’t caught in the Matrix.

He knows what Skip Bayless is all about.

Skip is Howard Stern of Sports Media.  His job is to say wild and crazy things to get people talking.  His job is to annoy and irritate you.  He is the Bizarro Tebow.

He wants to be the villain, wants you to get mad, wants you to hate him and for lack of a better term his job is to be a douchebag.

It has made Skip a millionaire and a star.

So I am not surprised Suggs called him out on it, most people are afraid to or resort to screaming at the top of their lungs.  Suggs calmly told Skip he wasn’t going to be tricked and for that he gets my hat tip.


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  1. chris edward says:

    good clip. but there is a darth vader mouth breather in the background

  2. Frank Ramirez says:

    Uhh whats that guy doing while he is watching this clip… Easy on the heavy breathing bro!

  3. NFL players at their best.

  4. Destined says:

    Lmao! Good for him, Skip really does be reaching with his “analysis”.

  5. Mike says:

    “With all due respect we don’t need
    God on our sidelines,’ Suggs said. “Once
    again God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver
    Broncos. He couldn’t even give them two
    drives? Seven to three?” – Terrell Suggs
    (Sometime before yesterday’s missed 33yd field

    • Jason says:

      Are you really insinuating that god caused the missed field goal? I actually admired Suggs for that comment. So sick of god being intertwined with our sports, entertainment, and politics.

  6. antispy3 says:

    The proper name is Skip Baseless. . .nuff said. . .

  7. Scott McKissack says:

    Everyone knows about Skip in the Dallas area, he failed in Dallas, now he works out of Ft Worth, all of the local radio show hosts make a joke out of him. He really derailed his career early on by his stupid shenanigans… now thats a word we don’t use enough.

  8. TheGary says:

    Really? Derailed? He’s making millions a year on a national sports network on a daily show. I would say his ‘shenanigans’ got him pretty far.

    Bayless is as advertised. He’s meant to be exactly what you see and is meant to engender just such reactions. Do I like him? NO! But I’m not supposed to like him. That’s his shtick.

    The real question is ‘Is he good at what he does?’ The answer is undeniably ‘YES’

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