Twitter Lady of the Day: Lisette Gadzuric (@uLuvLisette)

BSO will spotlight ladies who are not only beautiful, but also doing positive things in the world of business of modeling.

The Gadzuric Foundation was created by NBA center Dan Gadzuric and his wife, Lisette, who is an avid volunteer in the community. The foundation’s mission is to eliminate negative barriers affecting youth and their families, replacing these obstacles by fostering self-esteem with positive experiences that build autonomy, enhancing the community.

Prom is an important time for any high school student… and it can also be an expensive occasion. To alleviate some of the cost, The Gadzuric Foundation has created the Cinderella Project MKE, which will collect and distribute donated prom dresses to young women throughout the Milwaukee area.
We have provided over 600 girls with prom dresses, this is our 3rd year.