Josh Hamilton’s Relapse Sex Tape in Bar’s Bathroom Available for $41k Allegedly

$41k is an odd number to request for a Sex Tape.

I know Josh Hamilton has an alcohol problem and I know it is a disease, but he seems to get a lot of passes for his behavior.

Could be because he plays Baseball and they judge certain things differently. Doing Steroids is worse than being a criminal in a baseball fan and media’s mind.

When Hamilton relapsed a few days ago, he also allegedly may have had sex in the bar’s bathroom and someone taped it. Deadspin takes it from here.

Someone is shopping a videotape allegedly showing Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, on the night of his recent relapse, having sex in the bathroom of Sherlock’s, a Dallas bar. A local television station was offered the tape for $41,000, an employee at the station tells us. The station declined, and we’re told no one there actually watched the tape.

One eyewitness approached our source and told him he had a seven-second clip from his phone that showed Hamilton having sex in the stall of the men’s bathroom. The station immediately refused.

A few minutes later, another person who claimed to have pictures of the incident tried to sell those to the station for $10,000.

“Had we been interested,” the TV station employee says, “I’m sure they would have given us some watermarked photos or something from the video.”

Wonder if they would have refused if it was A-Rod?

Hamilton being protected?

If there is footage it will leak as someone will pay sooner or later.

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  • I guess Josh forgot to mention (during his press conference) that he was also getting his freak on in the bathroom the night he fell off the wagon…….

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