Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Share Valentine’s Day Kiss (Photo)

We were the first to report that Vanessa Bryant had showed up at the Staples Center last night. At the time we didn’t know exactly why.

We assumed it was for the kids, but it appears to be a little bit more.

Another come-from-behind victory for Kobe Bryant … sucking face and possibly reconciling with the woman who has now taken all of his homes …. Vanessa Bryant.

Vanessa showed up for the Lakers Valentine’s Day victory over the Atlanta Hawks. The two shared a kiss in the tunnel on the way into the locker room.

The divorce doesn’t become final until June, so if Kobe and Vanessa want to kiss and make up so to speak, they have time.

Then maybe he can get his $75 million and mansions back.

3 thoughts on “Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Share Valentine’s Day Kiss (Photo)

  • That would be great if can handle honoring his vows. She never wanted to leave in the first place, she actually loves the rat king, if they do reconcile he needs to do right by her and stop making a mockery out of their marriage.

  • She’s only running game. I bet she hired the cameraman too.

  • She wasn’t with him shooting in the gym

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