Lil Wayne Says He Hates Jeremy Lin, Calls Him “Lin Laden” (Video)


Is Lil Wayne on drugs when he does these videos?

This is the first one I have ever seen and he doesn’t appear to be in his right mind.  Then again when does he ever appear to be in control of all of his faculties.

Isn’t Weezy’s Sports Corner sponsored by ESPN………

Skip to the 2:45 mark to hear this.

“Everyone got the Lin fever. What do I call him? Well,he beat my Lakers. So ever since that game, I hate him. So I call him Lin Laden.”

I thought Weezy was a Heat fan? or was he a Mavericks fan? Didn’t he use to ride for the Hornets?

I get confused from time to time which Bandwagon he is jumping on.


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