Warren Sapp Says He Doesn’t Owe Jamiko Vaughn $728k In Child Support & Alimony

There is a big difference between $728k and $0, so someone isn’t telling the truth in the Warren Sapp’s child support case (Warren Sapp’s Ex Wife Jamiko Claims He Owes $728K in Back Child Support & Alimony).

Sapp’s side of the story is he is all caught up and he is trying to get the Alimony reduced.

As TMZ first reported, Sapp’s ex-wife filed documents in Florida saying the former NFL star owed her $728,100 in back child support and alimony.

But sources close to Sapp tell TMZ he’s current on his child support and that to Warren, his kids “always come first.”

However, like we’ve seen with so many retired sports stars, we’re told Sapp feels his alimony is too high since his playing days are over and the paychecks he gets as an analyst just don’t stack up.

When athletes make prenuptial agreements, they need to consider at some point they will retire and the money they have won’t be as long.  That way they won’t get stuck with these huge alimony and child support payments based off their prior earnings.

I am not a lawyer, but I did stay at home last night, so just a piece of advice.