Kendrick Perkins Kicks Dwyane Wade in the Face, Wade Gives Side Eye From Hell (Video)

I understand every time something happens in a basketball game that one might deem disrespectful, you can’t just punch someone in the chest.

Kendricks Perkins has 11 technical fouls this year and Dwyane Wade is a valuable member of the Heat, so no need for them to start throwing blows.

With that being said, if looks could kill Perkins would be six feet under. Perkins had a productive game in the Thunder’s win over the Heat and got a little overzealous after this dunk leading to the Wade Death Stare down the court.

From the beginning of the season I predicted a Heat vs. OKC Finals and I think that would be the most entertaining and competitive matchup that is out there.

H/T Jose3030 on the video.